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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Food for the food

Did you know that the global food output is equivelent to over 3000 calories per person per day? Yeah, that's right. There is enough food that is currently available on the planet to cause a very chronic obesity.

The problem here is that there is too much waste. But imagine if we could cut down that waste. No longer would we need to find so many scientific breakthroughs in order to maintain the increasing population. No more need deal with world hunger. We could also use any surplus food for uses such as fuel and other things that we need to produce a productive society. There are so many possibilities, but the people in charge of such organizations are just too slow.

To address the waste issue, we must educate and spend lots of money in countries that do not have the farming capability that more advanced nations would have. Even though this may seem like money down the toilet, it's better to teach a person how to fish rather than to give him half a fish everyday. Plus, you would never have to deal with them again

The primary problem with this is finiancing, as mentioned before. One of the places that facilitates such deals is the world bank, but that implies that they must return the money. Let's just give it to them and make a deal that they will one day help us fight the problems that we now face as an entire population. Setting aside differences and working towards a common goal will allow us to figure out how to handle the future, helping people lead happier and easier lives.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My fake pressciption drug commercial

It's the ad transcript for my new drug called Cramming!

Ever feel that studying for many days for a big test just doesn't seem to work? Are you feeling that its really slow and that you have a tendency to forget what you were memorizing the week before?  Try Cramming, the only FZA-approved* drug for curing test forgetfulness. Cramming saves time, has better accuracy, and has no side effects on your long term memory. 89% of patients who take Cramming show immediate improvement on tests, and mango farming.

 Cramming is not for people with low self-esteem, or high blood pressure. Elderly patients should not take Cramming due to elevated risk of heart attack or stroke. Stop taking Cramming if you have vomiting or cramps in your lower abdomen. Some patients taking Cramming have reported severe pupil dilation after being awake for over 30 hours. This is a rare but serious side effect. Call your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms. Cramming is not for everyone.

Talk to your doctor about Cramming today.

*not approved to children under the age of 0
©1023 Yawn4 Pharmaceuticals

Side note: This is a joke. There is no drug called Cramming. If there is, it's probably not this one.