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Friday, January 31, 2014

2008 revisited

Happy new year! Hopefully everyone is doing well.

I was looking through some old blog posts when I found my 3 stock recommendations from 2008. Lets see how I did (disclosure: I did not trade stocks back then, but I really with I did)

AMZN: 600% gain! :D Yeah. I made a good call here.
GM: dead. 100% loss. Bankrupt. Oh well.
B: 200% gain! Not as good as AMZN but much better then GM...

Basically, if you allocated 1/3 to each stock, you'd be doing pretty well right now.

So what to do now??

Sell AMZN. This news probably would have come in more handy a few days ago (recently dropped a bit)
Buy SLV. Silver demand is at an all time high, but the price hasn't gone up. Unlike gold, silver has industrial uses making it somewhat more useful.
Buy AMD. Great turnaround tech company. AMD has a somewhat large load of debt but they had a wide array of intellectual property and their graphics unit is solid.
Buy KS. They make cardboard boxes. Funny yes, useful for e-commerce, totally.
Buy MSFT. It doesn't matter which CEO they choose to replace Ballmer, as long as Ballmer is gone.

I own AMD and SLV and I may buy or sell any stock at any time. Don't take this as investment advice. This is my way of keeping records of how well I can predict market movements.