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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mid July seems pretty realistic now

Based on current development, a mid-July release seems extremely plausible now. I expect to finish the app next week, test the week after, and release!

Much of the basic code has been ported over. Although there are still over 100 compiler errors and warnings, they should all disappear once the entire code is ported.

Oh, and if you are a person who runs Windows-64bit, get Waterfox. You will be glad that you did.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dots are complicated

So. I started Ellipsis for Android yesterday.

I have been met by a pretty big surprise: the iOS version of Ellipsis is over 15,000 lines of code long! Based on a rate of about 1000 lines of code per day (assuming nothing goes wrong), is going to take me about two weeks to get this ported over to Android. That time does not include any large adjustments I need to make to the code that's different that iOS. While I'm still targeting mid-july for release, I'm just shocked at how much code I wrote last year. I've always felt that I needed to code faster but I never realized just how much I do in fact code

The other strange thing is that the game is really basic. While there are a few quirks that need to be address in the game, it's not a really complicated game. Had I released it in a slightly cruder format, I think I could have gotten away with just 1000 lines of code. (Sure, it only would have had one level and not much else)

I'm typing really really quickly in order to get this ported over to Android. I don't have any plans for how to test the app yet either, the Emulator is slow and I don't have an Android phone.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer app releases

Below is the order in which I will most likely be releasing apps this summer. It's been pretty crazy lately and just starting to calm down. Older apps may see an update or two over the next few months. I intend to make all my future apps on both iOS and Android (tablet and phone, where practical) This may not work out but that depends on events that have not yet been perceived.

Estimated release times are included
  1. Ellipsis for Android (done by mid-July)
  2. A really cool social app (more details soon, release late July, early August)
  3. Azure Nose (I know this app has already been released, but there are so many improvements needed to be made, mid/late August)
  4. Various improvements/bug fixes on existing apps. Some existing apps will be ported to other platforms. (expected whenever)
I'm examining new ways to generate revenue to continue making strange unique apps for the whole world to use. There is an app that I'm considering making that will be released in September that's really tentative at this moment. There are also a couple of HTML5 app ideas floating around, but they will probably not come into fruition until the end of the year, at least.

The approximate dates are subject to delays and Acts of God but I will do everything (and I mean everything) to avoid delays, but trying to stop a tornado by standing in its path doesn't work...

What about Windows 8? Well, I might actually port some apps over. That would be far down my list of priorities but the recent announcement of Surface might change my mind. It looks really cool. Apple is going to be in trouble for 2013. The only thing that might be able to help Apple maintain its lead is to support Flash, but maybe I'm just too old-fashioned to accept that Flash is already dead.

Expect about one or two posts per weeks around here. I'm going to be really really busy.

Overall, summer is going to be pretty cool :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Woah, June is half gone already

Happy Friday to you all. I've made it through another week :)

Recently, I've shelved every project I've been doing. It's a necessary step since I've been falling behind in other things that I'm up to. Luckily, my Friday was open so I decided to write this blog post. As for getting back to development, you will probably see something new from me maybe in the first week of July. That's not guaranteed though; there's so much going on in a single day that even the slightest change in plans can knock that back by weeks, if not months. (So much of my life is in the control of unknown powers. It's hard to tell what will happen even in the next seco-

 Yeah. Looks like I've got a PowerPoint presentation to make. (An SMS just came in...)