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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dots are complicated

So. I started Ellipsis for Android yesterday.

I have been met by a pretty big surprise: the iOS version of Ellipsis is over 15,000 lines of code long! Based on a rate of about 1000 lines of code per day (assuming nothing goes wrong), is going to take me about two weeks to get this ported over to Android. That time does not include any large adjustments I need to make to the code that's different that iOS. While I'm still targeting mid-july for release, I'm just shocked at how much code I wrote last year. I've always felt that I needed to code faster but I never realized just how much I do in fact code

The other strange thing is that the game is really basic. While there are a few quirks that need to be address in the game, it's not a really complicated game. Had I released it in a slightly cruder format, I think I could have gotten away with just 1000 lines of code. (Sure, it only would have had one level and not much else)

I'm typing really really quickly in order to get this ported over to Android. I don't have any plans for how to test the app yet either, the Emulator is slow and I don't have an Android phone.

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