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Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

haven't been back here in a while

sorry i've forgotten about everyone (although I doubt anyone actually reads this place anymore). Life is busy and things get forgotten. I hope that I will rekindle the joys of writing here again one day, but for now don't expect many (if any) updates. There's a chance that this blog will just be left here and forgotten one day as people and their lives change

Well, I really have nothing much more to say.
Saturday is near, and I should continue on with something.

Good bye

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Answering questions

I try to predict everything. Which way a car is about to change lanes on the road before it turns on its blinkers to how the stock market is performing. Unfortunately, I've taken this to the max.

Something that I do these days is that I try to answer people's questions before they finish their sentences. For example:

[at the library, holding a book in hand]

Librarian: Are you
Me: yes [hands book over]

But the problem is that this is not entirely perfect. While unlikely the librarian could have been asking me "Are you gay", or "Are you a terrorist" or, God forbid "Are you Ben? I know all about you and read your inspirational blog..." The system breaks down pretty quickly.

I'm trying really hard to answer people's questions after they finish their sentence. Its just I feel like I'm wasting time waiting for them to finish whatever redundant thing they were about to say.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Merits of taking a day off

It seems like everything is becoming more and more busy by the minute, but I really think that there are good reasons to take a day off from everything and relax.

Let's see the benefits of taking a day off:
  • Taking a break  - people are busy, they need time off
  • Improving productivity on other days - Taking a day off means more motivation to get things done sooner, rather than just pushing it off to the next day.
  • Finding time to do low priority items - the problem with doing things based on priority is that there are always going to be higher priority items, but that doesn't mean that low priority items can be just pushed aside.

I really had no good post ideas. Maybe the next post will be better.

Friday, January 31, 2014

2008 revisited

Happy new year! Hopefully everyone is doing well.

I was looking through some old blog posts when I found my 3 stock recommendations from 2008. Lets see how I did (disclosure: I did not trade stocks back then, but I really with I did)

AMZN: 600% gain! :D Yeah. I made a good call here.
GM: dead. 100% loss. Bankrupt. Oh well.
B: 200% gain! Not as good as AMZN but much better then GM...

Basically, if you allocated 1/3 to each stock, you'd be doing pretty well right now.

So what to do now??

Sell AMZN. This news probably would have come in more handy a few days ago (recently dropped a bit)
Buy SLV. Silver demand is at an all time high, but the price hasn't gone up. Unlike gold, silver has industrial uses making it somewhat more useful.
Buy AMD. Great turnaround tech company. AMD has a somewhat large load of debt but they had a wide array of intellectual property and their graphics unit is solid.
Buy KS. They make cardboard boxes. Funny yes, useful for e-commerce, totally.
Buy MSFT. It doesn't matter which CEO they choose to replace Ballmer, as long as Ballmer is gone.

I own AMD and SLV and I may buy or sell any stock at any time. Don't take this as investment advice. This is my way of keeping records of how well I can predict market movements.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why the car won't move

A man tries to start his car and finds that it wouldn't move. Some bystanders, a politician, a software engineer, a student of gender studies, and a financial analyst, walk towards the car.

They each come up with their own theories.

Politician: Clearly the car has been overburdened by heavy taxes and regulations that have forced it not to start. I propose cutting taxes for the car so that it will be able to move again.

Software engineer: It's probably a hardware issue. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Student of gender studies: Clearly this car is protesting against the misogynistic empire run by men. Cars need equal rights.

Financial analyst: Based on the available data, I have downgraded this car to "under perform." You should sell it. I'll give you 200 bucks.

Ignoring the bystanders, the owner of the car takes out his phone and searches for possible causes. He solves the problem and drives away.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Methods for bad situation

Flame method:
1. Stop (freaking out)
2. Drop (what you are doing)
3. Roll (with it)

Ice cream method:
1. Get ice cream
2. Eat ice cream
3. GOTO 1

Recursive method:
Handle Situation:
1. Handle Situation()

Static method:
1. print "I only have class"

Singleton method:
1. return badInstance