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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why I think the economy is bad

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The economy is in a mess because of everyone's greed. By means of manipulating money, 1 dollar can become 1 million without much effort. This shows that everyone is greedy for more. The only reason some people make money in the stock market is because others lose money. This shows money is not actually made, but actually coming from another. This system of manipulating money will not break down like this current global crisis unless confidence in people drops. Greed causes problems to others and themselves.

Banks are a big part of this problem. By charging hidden fees to their customers, they are unable to pay back their loans. This shows that by hurting others your really hurting yourself. This also shows that banks are greedy just like everyone else. By causing a catastrophe, the CEO of banks are able to get high bonuses while at the same time destroy their employer. This shows evil has its uses. After the bank is dying, the CEO goes to the government to plead for money to save themselves. The government falls into the trap and gives them money thinking they will use it to loan it to others so everyone will be happy, but instead, its used for the upper level management's reward for screwing up the bank. This shows banks don't really care if they have trouble. This also shows that government is not that greedy, but can't help others either. If any of this will be ever end, that will be when socialism comes but that brings in other problems.

A way to solve this dilemma is to take a nap and tell everyone to buy cars and houses and stocks. Or change the government to socialist.

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