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Monday, April 26, 2010

People went to the moon 40 years ago while the common cold has no cure

I simply cannot believe that the common cold still has no cure
people have gone to the moon dug
rocks out of the ground and made them into metal while the cold an illness from the beginning of man still plagues us today

sure there are meds that make you feel a bit better but there is nothing but time to actually make your cold go away

How could this be freaking possible? Surely someone has realized that this cant go on much longer


  1. The moon is more important the unhappiness of humans.
    Besides, while a controlled explosion is effective for going to the moon, if you tried to use one to fix a cold you would soon find yourself in several pieces and a lot of pain.

  2. good point but wouldn't people would like to solve a problem than to spend lots and lots of money on going to a rock orbiting the earth?