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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking about the world

I really can't describe how the world around us changes everyday. It seems like there is always more trouble, joy, misery, regret, and success each and every day. What I find most amazing is that, despite everything that goes on around people, there is always a drive to keep on going. Nobody looks back at this world. The past has past. The only thing to look forward to is the future...

And yet, as I write this, the question frequently hits me, What is the future? Why can't things be better as of now instead of waiting around for everything to come to you? Will the world really change?

Many people have heard the story the Boy Who Cried Wolf but do you really think, in today's modern society, that everyone will go rush out to save a boy for no incentive whatsoever? A short summery of today's version of Boy Who Cried Wolf would be A Boy screams Wolf! and nobody comes. The same boy screams Wolf! again and still nobody comes. The wolf actually comes. The boy gets eaten.

Ah yes... modern 2010

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