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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The blink tag

In my past decade or so of dealing with HTML and inconsistently applied web standards, my favorite HTML tag by far is BLINK. Even though it was never supported by IE and one of those strange things that Netscape cooked up in the 90's, I felt that the blink tag showed that the web browser should be capable of generating dynamic client side content without the need of a lot of javascript (remember, old browsers were slow at javascript)

Now, the W3C has blink as part of CSS text-decoration, the past still shows. Netscape's successor, Firefox, will happily blink text for you while Mammon still refuses to do so. It really is a shame. The only way to blink text with cross browser support is to use javascript.

Should you use the blink tag? Of course not. Unless you are trying to give your enemies (who do not use IE) seizures.

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