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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I've been busy

I know that probably isn't the best excuse for not posting on this blog for almost two months but it is, more or less the truth. Remember how I said I did some PHP web development back when this blog started a few years ago? Well, I've moved on from those days and decided that I needed to get into something new. At the time, I dreamed about creating the next big .com IPO. Unfortunately, that's not how everything worked out.

I still remember the days when I would wonder what kind of website I should make and design. Now it's all gone. The dream has gone into the shredder and now I'm plagued with so much work that's it's kind of hard to keep up the blogosphere.

I wish things were different but I just kind of have to accept them for what they really are.

Maybe in a different blog post I'll talk about what I am currently up to. It's not as exciting as creating the next big .com IPO but it's the next next next next next next next best thing.

And to end this with a famous yawn4life quote:


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