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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm coming back to post on this blog, seriously

I know that I have said that I was going to post on this blog quite a few times, but this time is real. Over the past few weeks I have been moving away from web development to app development. While for many this is a big leap I find this not be be since I've done a lot of programming before I decided on settling down with web development. I personally consider myself a black belt PHP programmer but I want a change. I mean sure: I can answer any PHP question you have at the top of your head but I'd rather be doing something a bit more sophisticated for a change.

Imagine you ate ramen 3 meals a day, everyday (Disclaimer: I have not thought of doing this..) After a while of boring noodles, chemical flavoring, MSG, and a greater cancer risk it gets kind of boring. Ramen is pretty simple but it just gets so boring so quickly.

So what am I doing now? Well I'm focusing on some Android and iOS development (Yes, there is a reason I put them in that order) I like Java; I find it to be a better language than Object-C. Garbage collection is a very big deal to me. While Object-C is going to have automatic reference counting, there are still things to think about when messing with memory management. Personally, I'd rather have some fun programming a language like Fortran where you don't get any dynamic memory at all. While it would be hard to think about when and where and how much memory you are going to need for the entire runtime, it also promises zero memory leaks and far better performance than something like c, where I've typed the function malloc more times than I can count.

Alright, that's enough for now

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