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Monday, August 29, 2011

Google Dissident

Today I will be slandering Google. Maybe not a good thing to do on a blog hosted on google servers but Oh Well.

Google, the maker of android and search engine. They pretty much dominate the cloud world. Need to find the weather? a good computer? Objective C documentation? yeah, you can find it all on google, well everything except for stuff that the US government censors cautiously removed to keep us all stupid err... safe.

The problem with google is that they just might know too much about you. Everything that you search on google will be recorded and these records can be accessed by the US government. Sometimes, I worry that the FBI is going to kick open my front door and carry me away never to be seen again just because I may have searched the words "How to build an atom bomb" and "plutonium for cheap" too many times on the internet. (Full disclaimer: I've never actually searched these keywords, but I've wanted to)

Everything about google is kind of like a roomate who goes through all of your stuff when you are not home. While there may not be anything to hide, it's the principle of respecting a person's privacy that truly matters. How can human society even survive without trust. At that rate, we should all be hiding in bomb shelters for the rest of our lives separate from one another. At least the divorce rate would go down.

Take a look at this video that microsoft made talking about the 'GMailman'. It's actually pretty funny and most of it is true.

Imagine if the US postal service decided to open up ever letter they send and skim for keywords, then they start sending ads to you about certain products. (Actually, that might be a way for the US postal service to start making money again, either that or everyone will go to gmail, where they do the exact same thing) It also deters terrorism, sort of. On the other hand, I bet that by 2020 all of our mail will come 'pre-opened' for free. What the people don't know is that they're scanning every letter to check for any details on when the next terrorism attack.

Anyway, back to the topic. Gmail really should not be like this. Pretty soon people will be moving back to Hotmail and that won't exactly good for google. This company truly does enjoy data mining. Remember if you don't have something good to say to a FBI agent's face, then you shouldn't type it into your gmail messages. (little known fact, the government records every email ever written. They even have a backdoor for gmail to get to it. Although google complains when other countries hack through that same back door)

I'm not going to slander anymore google services in this post. Instead I'm going to talk about google in politics. (This should be fun) Google is a strange fellow in politics. The US Justice department is not a big fan of them. They are under quite a bit of danger with their relatively low stock of patents and high number of phones running their OS.

They hire many lobbist firms so that they can sway their way on the web. Once, google and verison teamed up to create a bill for congress to vote on. What happened  to the first three words of the consitution "We the PEOPLE". These are not the people. How come they get to make decisions for the rest of us. At this rate, I think that I should be able to write up a law that congress should approve. How about: Every american taxpayer has to pay a required $4 dollar "Ben's charity fund". Why not? Isn't that what google is doing? I don't care if you say life is not fair. This is not fair and it should be fixed. I hate how google can get its way just because its google. We live in a different world now. The strongest are not going to be able to stomp on the weak anymore.

I don't see how Google can stay like this without reform. Being aggressive with business is one thing. Controlling the mindset of the entire US and beyond is more of a stepping stone to taking over the world. Besides, times have changed. There will be a new era of computers. Nothing lasts forever, even the sun is one day going to blow up and end life on earth for us all.

I'm not saying that everyone should flock to Bing right now. I will still be using google search (and blogger) for quite some time into the future.

Note to US government: complain about my article (you're violating my first amendment right) and I will start talking about the fallacies of democracy and this 'capitalism' thing we have.

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