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Friday, April 26, 2013

When days are insanely busy

As the number of things to do each day increases faster than you can hope to get them done, the only hope is that better time organization will help you survive those days. Unfortunatly, there is only a limited amount of time organization possible. At a certain point, if there isn't any time, then there isn't any time.

Here are some things to do if organizing time does not work
  • Push it back. If it does not need to be done immediately (and there are other tasks with greater priority) then there is no point in getting it done early.
  • Use google calendar. Place every task you need to do as a calendar event. Set a time for each task and it's approximate length. To avoid a domino effect if one task takes longer than expected, give every task slightly more time than you hope to complete it with. Follow your calendar as closely as possible. Try to multitask. For example, if you have to read, do it on the bus rather than at a desk, when you could be working on something that might require a desk.
  • Delegate. There are other people out there. Don't do the work of 5 people on your own.
  • Double check. Are you sure you have to do all of this? Make sure that there was no miscommunication before wasting hours of your precious time.

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