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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to type faster

Once of the most common questions i have ever gotten is: Ben how do you type so fast. I generally make a joke that most of what I write is full of typos (which is true) but there are a few ways that you can type faster

  1. Keep in mind that you are trying to type faster. Often I type at only 30 wpm due to the fact that I am not really in a rush or trying to type faster. If you try to type faster, generally you will be able to type faster.
  2. Type hard to reach keys properly. It wasn't until a few years ago before I realized how much faster I could type if I simply hit the period and comma keys with my fingers in the home position rather than have my hand move down to the lower part of the keyboard and hit the key that I wanted. Other keys that are commonly cheated are the z and the x at the bottom left of the keyboard. Do those in the same manner. It will take some time to get used to, but it really is worth it.
  3. Practice. For the people who are reading this blog, this shouldn't be an issue for you. You should have a lot of opportunities to practice your typing. Type in search queries as fast as you can. Write anything - emails, essays whatever using proper typing techniques.
  4. Play some games! My personal favorite is They have games and typing tests alike. I usually do some typing tests from time to time to make sure that my typing speeds have not gone down and then I play a few games (my favorite is the ones with the bubbles)
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