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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I am thankful for (a modern list)

  • Abundant supply of food, (maybe obesity should be thought of as a good thing)
  • Only having to eat turkey once a year (poultry in general is awful)
  • Black Friday. Only one more day!
  • Autotune. Imagine all of those celebrities singing without Autotune.
  • Mangoes. They are tasty
  • Internet. Where else would you watch sneezing pandas?
  • Twilight how else could we be able to make fun of vampires?
  • SSDs. Because HDDs suck. OCZ went bye bye...
  • Blogs. So I can post this
  • Computers, I would never make it as a physicist or a poet for that matter
  • Potato chips. Skinniness is overrated
  • Plastic surgery. Our world would look much worse off otherwise

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