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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dressing up is a crime against humanity

I'm somewhat joking here, although it is a true fact that I don't like dressing up. (I'm a computer programmer. What did you expect?)

Dressing up for formal occasions goes back about as far as since the invention of clothing. Since then, people have worn clothes considered 'formal' by society. This was often done for respect and also for people to trust this person. (Calling all con-men) People often feel confident and well prepared if they are in formal dress.

Consequently, the needs of society in 2012 are far much more different than those back in the Stone Age. There's the invention of the Internet which has replaced actual human contact with something much, much better (huh, I really am anti-social). there is no purpose for society to approve of anyone anymore. All people really care about is having a good time.

Voluntarily choking yourself with a piece of cloth (I've always wondered about this invention) in an intricate way (hey, it's tough to tie a tie) has no use at all! Furthermore, we as a society need to realize that the best form of clothes are the ones that are casual and comfortable. People don't need to show respect to other people.

None of these people look like they want to be here.
 Perhaps they would feel better if they didn't have to dress up
Dressing up shows a sense of submission to the "Man". Take a look at the late Mr. Kim Jong Il. Unlike all of the people who work for him, Mr. Kim does not have to dress up. He is probably one of the most influential political leaders of his time. Kim has nobody to submit to. He is his own boss. That guy doesn't even care about the most powerful country on the Earth. Surely, you would think that if the former president of the United States showed up at his front door step he would throw on some nicer clothes. Then again, he doesn't need to, unlike all of the other people who have strips of cloth wrapped around their necks.

In short, don't dress up. Why give in? Life is short. I work in IT and I know that wearing a Tshirt and jeans is a pretty good way to live (I also like my computer, but that's another story).

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