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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years isn't the same without Air Farce

Every New Year's Eve, I spend the night watching Air Farce Live New Year's eve. Since they stopped producing the show, the cast gets together each year at new year's and makes a special. I just finished watching it* and I have to say that I'm very sorry that the show ended a few years back.

Times have changed when I first started watching the show. People seem to be quite obsessed with Justin Bieber now (the show portrays him with a female). I looked at the US Copyright site and searched 'Bieber'. Amazingly enough, I discovered that 'Beiber Fever' is trademarked! People have gone far too overboard with celebrities. Just a year ago, I had no idea who this stupid idiot is and now he's like the most popular teenager of all time. Crazy how that works.

Anyway, life is doing good. I'm trying to tie up all of loose ends I left before Wednesday. I've finished some of it and there's still quite a bit more to go... (Un)Fortunately, most of it involves drawing or filling stuff out. I'm not really good at drawing; I much prefer typing up code or sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking a mango smoothie.

On another note, I'm trying to get my new business up and running. It's going to be a great year!

*Did anyone notice that the post date for this is new year's day and not new year's eve? Well, those hockey-obsessed Canadians decided that it hockey was more important.

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