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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ironic that I need a desktop computer

Hey, me again..

My primary computer is being repaired right now so I'm using a different machine to type this blog post (this isn't the computer I talked about in my last post, this one is much much newer)

It has occurred to me that I will need a new computer, given the fact that my primary computer need to be fixed. That computer was a laptop. While the computer is quite nice to use, it's also a pain to fix and repair quickly. My solution? A desktop. It's quite strange, considering how I am such an advocate of mobile/decentralized computing. However, I use the computer far more than the average user (I'm not addicted to using computers)

Desktops are also cheaper and more powerful. On a typical day, I am literally running at least 2 or 3 virtual machines at the same time. Running virtual machines is resource consuming. They slow down my computer to less than a snail's pace, especially when I am also working on something within the main OS. I hope that visualization will become more efficient over time though; this will help me get work done while improving the performance and the efficiency of cloud computing.

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