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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Keyboard what's that?

Truth to be told, I love my dell keyboard with the strangely large space bar. It types well and accurately. The keys don't require too much force to go down and they don't seem flat. I find it to be one of the best low-end keyboards that I've used (hey, it came with the computer, I don't expect very much)

Keyboards are a thing of the past. I bet that if I didn't have to do computer work full time, I could probably get away without a mouse after the initial setup of the computer. There really is no need for one anymore. I could probably do everything with a computer that needs a keyboard with a mouse and speech recognition. (Sure, typing passwords would be a pain, but who does that anymore?) There will eventually be a generation of people who cannot type. People think of me as a fast typist with a speed of around 80 words per minute on a good day. I personally can talk very great ease at around 200 words per minute. It would be much easier for me to speak everything than it would be for me to type this blog post. (I can't find my microphone)

Just like the cassette tapes of the last decade. Keyboards will soon be sitting up in a closet collecting dust. Pretty soon nobody will know what they were used for.

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