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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It turns out that I did go insane on Monday

Note: If you don't understand the title, read this post first. If you don't feel like reading old posts, you're forgiven.

Due to far too many events that were completely out of my control (I was desperately trying to save another project that some other people had completely dropped the ball on, it was a nightmare), my schedule was back-to-back and I had no time to work on the algorithm for the next app. I've figured out how to implement the filters and amounts of data that I will need to pull this strange calculation off. I am going to have to examine the most memory efficient for implementing it but I've got the design of it pretty much ready to go.

I will (likely) have it done by Friday at the earliest. As long as there are no more interruptions, I will get this thing released as soon as next month. Stay tuned.

Only two more days to Friday.

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